Leadership in Education

It is our belief that leadership in education is essential. A teacher cannot stand before a class and expect the class to learn without a background as a leader. In order to touch the life of any student leadership is a necessary quality.

Leadership in education can be scarce
Leadership in education is not regularly seen. It is all too often that a classroom is inhabited by a lowly teacher that sits behind a desk and watches the students’ complete worksheets. To be an effective teacher, one must lead effectively. In order to be an effective educational leader one must foster a conception of excellence within our classrooms.

Techniques to be a good educational leader
Excellence will be attained through a plethora of techniques. However, the points below will help any teacher become an effective leader.
• Expect nothing but the best from students. Expecting the best delivers the best. Simple as that.
• Dress for success. Use good posture, stand poised and command attention. These are all characteristics of a leader so use them in the classroom.
• Treat leadership as a behavior not as a quality. Be a leader in every aspect in life. Do not try to attain the quality of leader, rather behave as leaders do.
• Develop a philosophy and stick to it. An effective leader lives by guiding principles that determine any decision made. When in the classroom teach in an assertive yet inviting way. Exhibit characteristics through a personal philosophy that will employ leaders around you.

In conclusion about leadershipineducation
Whatever type of leader you may be; make sure to inhabit some of the above qualities. Leadership in education is widely needed in all classrooms and schools. If one teacher becomes an effective leader; it will affect the lives of many students and help them ultimately become leaders as well.

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